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thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. >> not only do we have a call center going on with the call to health. if you have questions about breast cancer. that is sort of the theme this whole week of the show because it's breast cancer awareness month. in october all leading up to sunday's race for the cure. we're talking to elise rubenstein. she always has great nutrition advice. for breast care. >> and taking a loved one to the doctor. >> an awesome program going on tomorrow. we'll give you the information. this is basically your information, if you don't go to the doctor, maybe someone in the family, you have to push them out the door, this is free screenings. you can get questions answered, talk to a professional it's great. >> the doctor himself is here. scotty d, of cars. he'll tell us how to get bumper stickers off the car. like you have a vote for truman bumper sticker still on. he's trying to scrab it.
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he -- scrub it, he has a magic potion to peel off the bumper sticker. and food allergies. >> i remember, it was milk and peanuts. now it's all a menu of you have to really be very careful. we're going to hear about that coming up. we have a big food and allergy walk coming up. now let's get to today's hot topic of the day. come friday, it will be illegal in the state to talk on your cell phone while driving a car. and many of us will need a hands-free device beginning october 1st. as brian kuebler tells us many drivers already got the message an got it loud and clear. >> reporter: whether you believe this new law is a blessing. >> talking and texting on a cell phone is irresponsible. and it's wrong. and i'm delighted, absolutely delighted. >> reporter: or, an inconvenience, anyone in the state of maryland who chooses to use their cell phone while driving will need a hands-free
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device by this friday and at local electronics stores there is no shortage of people lining up to comply. >> thank you. >> no problem. >> reporter: here at the best buy in lutherville there's been a run on bluetooth devices. this past weekend in particular, managers say they were swamped with people picking up the technology to legally stay connected while driving. >> more people drive and commute, the more people realize distracted driving and don't want to be a statistic as well. so -- and the quality of the technology has also gotten better the last couple of years. >> reporter: statistics are grim, according to the state of maryland nearly 400 people died on maryland roads in the last five years because of distracted driving. a stat authorities believe can be prevented in part by using hands-free devices. it will be the law come october 1st. and the state highway dominstraying will unveil its awareness campaign tuesday, special electronic devices alerting drivers of the law
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will start appearing this week. all in an effort to change the culture and the state believes save lives. in baltimore, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> talking on a cell while driving will be a secondary offense. you can't be pulled over just because you're on the phone. however, if found guilty are not using a -- of not using a hands-free device you could face point off your license and upwards of $100 in fines. i haven't done it yet. >> you have to buy a bluetooth or some device. >> yes. i got used to the cell phone. this is going to be tricky. >> don't talk and drive until you get one. >> do you have one? go i do. i love it. >> five years ago. >> no, i've had one for a while but just got a new one and it's great. it's easy. you can do it. >> i'm nervous about pushing on my ear. >> you'll be all right. that brings us to your two cents. we always ask your opinion on
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our hot topic. on our wmar facebook fan page we posted the following question, what are you doing if anything to prepare for the hands-free cell phone law. one writes in, i always had one. every time i see someone cut me off or sliding into the wrong lane or seem to be ignoring those around them, never fails, always holding a phone to their ear. one writes, speaker phone, bluetooth, not rocket science. put down the phone, grab the wheel with both hands. what do you think? there's still time to weigh in. leave your comments. we're sharing some of the comments throughout the show. 9:04. i'm just happy jamie doesn't think it's a real blue tooth. we've been educating him the past couple of weeks. we've got ourselves leftover
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showers and pretty heavy rain in spots this morning. the clearing will try to build in over the next couple of hours. for those of you traveling or watching on to the eastern shore it appears as if the heavy rain there this morning should be improving this afternoon with a small threat of an isolated thunderstorm popping back up. we have a threat and i mean the threat, of a tropical storm within the borders of maryland on thursday. i'll explain in a moment. let's just take to you parkville. the top side of the beltway where we've had some really ugly-looking clouds, a lot of heavy rain. we're checking out the weather station in nearby perry hall at the middle school, currently 70 degrees. look at that wind that was pushing 16 miles per hour in spots up to 30 mile-an-hour gusts. it had been a rather blustery morning. look at the rainfall, over an inch, at least on this portion of the beltway. it's all where these bands of rain happen to stack up and set up because they continue to sit just to our north and east of the beltway. the city itself, appears as if we're trying to try things out
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while pushing all this heavy rain. across kent island, and bay bridge. looks like pushing through queen anne's and kent county, cecil county will get in on the action, heading to cambridge and salisbury, heavy rain continues at least for the next one to three hours. then we start to improve as we start pushing in this dry line. a break in the clouds already back west of hagerstown should slide through here by lunchtime it's wrapping around a rather impressive storm system that will continue to ride north towards buffalo and toronto and behind that we bring in some drier air, but still not completely stable and there is that chance we may pop a thunderstorm even though we may get sun out lunchtime in towards the afternoon. check out the wider view. you can see that circulation and this is all part of a very important change in our pattern. it will actually drag down really cool air behind it that settles in for the weekend. before that happens we're tapping into what could be a developing tropical storm. it is now located at the bottom of the map. it's down towards cuba but an 80% chance given by the national hurricane center that
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we name tropical storm nicole near or just north of cuba and towards florida before the day is done. then it rides these winds and comes up in our direction, what could be tropical storm nicole could make landfall in north and south carolina by wednesday and watch our forecast model quickly here. i want to show you, the front stalls to the south tomorrow. we start off with sun, clouds return and look at that heavy rain moving in thursday. and into friday. we could have flooding here with close to five or six inches of rainfall. today, 79, turning partly sunny, small chance of a shower popping back up. we'll talk more about that extended forecast in the next half-hour. back to you. "think pink" week at abc2 as we lead up to the komen maryland race for the cure coming up sunday. >> all week long we're taking the time to talk about breast cancer. how to fight the disease, how to beat the disease, and the efforts to raise more awareness. today we opened up our phone lines in the studios. >> if you have any questions, fire away. kelly swoope joins us from our "call to health" with more.
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>> reporter: look at this. everybody's decked out in pink. we're getting ready with the med star health to answer your very important questions today about breast cancer, breast cancer health, awareness, treatment options. we'll be in the studio today until 6:00. the very important phone number to call is 410-481-22 2. this is a really important opportunity for to you get valuable information. 2222. we're talking about nurse and a half gators to -- and navigators to oncologists, ', and valuable information to pass to loved ones. somebody is calling now. if you need that information this is an opportunity to call in. and get that great information. it's a great community service project that the station does with med star every year to educate people about breast cancer awareness. we're in the studio and throughout the day we'll be doing live interviews with the experts from the hospitals talking about some of the very important information that you
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can pass on. union memorial, franklin square, harbor hospital and good samaritan hospital. again, we'll be here until 6:00 tonight taking your calls, sharing some very, very important information as we focus on breast cancer awareness. i'm going to send it back to you in the studio but we'll be live with live cut-ins throughout the day. baltimore county goes pink to support the komen race for the cure and breast cancer awareness month. so baltimore county executive jim smith will host a pink pep rally at the old courthouse. conference room 118, will be decked out with pink balloons, pink cheerleaders and that will get you excited to raise money for the cure. that starts today 3:00. we're going to talk much more about breast cancer today here on "good morning maryland" at 9:00. >> stay with us. coming up, the five things that you can do today that may help you reduce your risk of getting breast cancer. >> it's also time to think about your loved one's health. why one local hospital is encouraging us to take our loved ones to the doctor. >> the political season always
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brings long -- lots of signs, bumper stickers, you name it. if you ever thought of getting them off your car without damaging the paint we have simple tips, ahead.
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i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage
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interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay $6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea. but that's not his only bad idea. harris was the only senator to vote against expanding the child care tax credit and against the state's cancer treatment program. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us. welcome back to "call 2 breast health." let's talk to a nurse navigator with franklin square hospital. you get the diagnosis, it's frightening. what is the role of the nurse navigator i guess in helping you and a half gate through the system? >> the nurse navigator has a very diverse role. number one, we're a patient's best cheerleader. we help to educate the patient, we help to direct them to the appropriate resources. connect the doctors and all the disciplines together and make sure that patient gets from point a to point b with a person with them. >> very important.
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>> very important. we also help the families as well and anybody else that supports that patient to get through the process. >> franklin square offers a navigator in baltimore and - >> we have two certified breast care nurses, one in each facility. >> carol is in the studio. lots of medical experts, 410-481-2222. thank you for joining us. many of you do not do it, even though you know you should. we're talking of course about going to the doctor. we come up with all sorts of excuses or reasons but we have good news. university of maryland medical system is making it easier. that's what "take a loved one to the doctor" is about. we have more details. thank you for congress in. >> -- coming in. >> thank you. >> have you ever done this before? >> we have. this is a national initiative that we have been doing for several years.
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it's designed to get people to think about their health, go to the doctor. and then invite a loved one to go with them. it's like a free gift you can give to your parent or spouse. >> in the past, when you have done it what kind of feedback do you get from people? positive? or people who said my father wouldn't go so i dragged him? about men are notorious for not going to the doctor. oftentimes it's wives or children dragging them in. if people are often worried, if i go to the doctor he'll find something. the truth is if we find it early we can fix it. it may be just change your diet a little bit and you don't need medication. i always think finding it early is better than finding it too late. >> this is a great opportunity for somebody to go for anything. we're talking everything from a flu shot to certain screenings. one of the ones i wanted to ask you about was prostate screening or perhaps diabetes or heart. how important is it to get those tests? >> sure. like i said, knowing about it is important. it doesn't necessarily mean you have to do anything about it.
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it doesn't mean we're going to put you on medication but if you have a little elevated blood sugar and we can tweak your diet a little bit you might not need medication. for prostate cancer is find it's important to know your status. particularly if you have a family history of prostate cancer or if you're african-american you have increased risk of getting prostate cancer. getting a baseline psa at age 40 is very important, then following it over time and seeing if you need a biopsy. we're not necessarily saying we're going to need to treat you even if you have prostate cancer. we can watch it but it's important to know. >> you mentioned that men were notorious for not going to the doctor. i imagine prostate screening is something no one really looks forward to but is it something you have to do every once in a while? i guess, what would you want men out there to know? >> the american neurological association which i'm a part of recommends every man have a psa at age 40, based on that and the family history we can figure out how often they need
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to be screened between ages 40 and 45. particularly if you have a family history, if you're african-american, it's very important. starting age 45 or 50 we recommend annual screening. again, thinks a conversation that you're going to have with your doctor as far as do you want to be screened and what do you want to do with that psa information. you need the information to know what to do with it. >> while chatting i want to put information up on the screen it's a wide variety of different things being offered. everything from breast care to diabetes to heart. there's a list of everything that -- just some of the examples on the web site you can go to. how proud are you to be a part of something like this, that can offer something free for someone who either may be scared or may be never have done this before. >> i think this is a very important initiative. the nice thing about it, it's outside, across the street from the medical center. you don't have to go in the hospital. you'll have 60 different organizations, experts and doctors, nurses and other health care professionals all there. i find that a lot of times people are a little concerned, they don't really know what to
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eat, how much they should exercise, it's daunting. but if someone sits down with you and says these are the things you should eat, here's an exercise program that makes it a lot easier. i think that's what we're trying to do, get them healthier so they don't have to come to the doctor. >> everything that is available to you and where you can go is on the screen. if you didn't get it we'll put it on the web site. there's the number to call and web address. it's tomorrow starting 10:00 a.m. at the university of maryland medical center. doctor, thank you for coming in. have fun tomorrow. >> thank you. >> you don't have to go to the hospital? wow. curbside, love that. let's look at our two cents here today. it's on our facebook fan page. we asked what are you doing if anything to prepare for maryland's hands-free cell phone law? comes into existence on friday. sheila just wrote in -- i haven't invested in any hands-free devices and at this time i don't plan to. i'm going back to the old way of doing things. waiting to get to my destination before i talk on the phone.
9:18 am
and june writes -- it is the responsible thing to do and if you search the internet you can pick one up for, like, $40. a small price to pay to save a life. well said. if you would like to join the crowd join our two cents on today's hop -- hot topic. leave a comment. we'll share more of the comments for the rest of the show on "good morning maryland" at 9:00. every political season the number of bumper stickers gets more and more on your car. now how do you take them off without ruining your car? next, simple tips from scotty d about getting the stickers off while keeping the paint on.
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should here he is, scotty d, has great advice for you today. there's a first warning doppler weather first -- there's a question first you must answer. i've been shopping tore a new chevy or ford and notice the dealers have limited selection. why is this and if i decide on one of those makes what should i do to get the vehicle to cover the equipment i want? what is it? >> your domestic manufacturers, ford, chevrolet and chrysler have finally found religion when it comes to production and inventory levels. they have drastically cut those
9:22 am
back and sales picked up somewhat, not that they are great but sales picked up somewhat, and they found themselves short on inventory. your honda, toyota dealers, didn't affect their production, they didn't change their production, they still have plenty of inventory. however, if you want to buy a domestic three right now the best advice i would give you is the factory order. getting exactly what you want, the color, equipment you want. and because it takes six, eight weeks to get that car in chances are the incentives will actually go up by the time that car comes in. so you can save money and get exactly what you want that way. >> now to our tip of the day. as you brought props, go ahead. we have a whole bumper sticker, vote for nixon/agnew on the bumper. how do you peel it off? >> you got a bernstein there. you put these things on your
9:23 am
car and the election comes and goes. maybe your candidate comes and goes. maybe -- you no longer agree with them. you want to get them off. over the years i've seen every different way people do it. they take a razor blade and chip at it. what ends up happening is you just chip your paint. then there's all kinds of goo be gones and stuff that can again damage your paint. how do professionals get them off? we use high-tech tools. and i brought some in today. >> high-tech. >> high-tech tools. a hair drier. a hair drier. use a hair drier, plug it in. get up close to your bumper sticker and it will just peel right off. good as new. no damage to your paint. maybe wipe it off with a little alcohol. any residue is gone. finishes like new. never damaged it. that's what the pros use.
9:24 am
>> simple like that. how long? >> five minutes. >> five minutes. that's it? >> just warm it up, just work it, work it across, peels right off. just like new. >> just like that. all right. the doctor of the car biz. justin, hair drier, bumper sticker off. here he is with weather. real important information we just got in. from the national weather service. there's a tornado warning currently in effect on to the eastern shore. this covers many eastern shore counties and goes until 945 this morning. 9:45. this includes west central caroline, talbot, queen anne's, including places like easton and centreville. right now this is doppler raidair indicate, not confirmed on ground but generally looking at st. michaels about now, looks like copperville and talbot in the next five minutes and heading to grasonville.
9:25 am
looks like it's skipping along the bay itself at 9:35. centreville by 9:45. we're watching maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we do have a tornado warning for the eastern shore including caroline, talbot, queen anne's county and going into about 9:45, if we get any confirmation or more information we'll pass it to you but now's the time. if you live in those locations, turn the tv up. we'll pass along the coverage to you and try to head into an interior location or into the basement of your home. we'll be back with more in a bit. >> thank you. when it comes to battling breast cancer many people start the fight after hearing that they have it. so coming up, we have tips on how you can help lower your risk of breast cancer and help fight it before it's a possible diagnosis. plus, also, when its comes to fighting breast cancer it starts with nutrition. a health counselor is here in our studio. we'll talk to her about how to fight the disease.
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regarding special needs plans. so...have questions about medicare? new to medicare? call or visit us online and get this free guide. breaking weather from the storm center. a tornado warning in effect on the eastern shore, carries for
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another roughly 15 to 20 minutes. this includes extreme western caroline county, talbot county, kent county and queen anne's county. places near skipton in the next five to 10 minutes, grasonville and heading to star, centreville by 9:45. essentially what we're looking at is cop doppler radar indicate rotation in that cluster. it's before the r and e in baltimore. that is actually on the eastern shore and east and north of the bay bridge. looks like this rotating cell not necessarily producing anything right now, touching the ground but when anything is twisting up there in the air and we can indicate this, check our doppler, this is called a velocity scan. what i'm highlighting here, are the winds, the winds heading towards the radar site over in dover. in the green and away in the red. what we're watching here is when you get the colors close together, the green and red indicates there may be something rotating there. it looks like between easton and grasonville now as we
9:30 am
continue to watch this particular cell pass off towards the north and east. if you're in that particular area, west of central caroline county, especially talbot and queen anne's county until 9:45. we have a tornado warning. the safest place to be is in the basement. if you don't have a basement head to an interior location of your home. bathroom is usually a safe call. if you feel threatened, grab cushioned from the couch, turn the tv up so you can hear our information and protect yourself in the bathtub. 9:45, expiration for the tornado warning on the eastern shore. and we're continuing to watch just north of easton and near grasonville and passing off through queen anne's and eventually kent county. more information coming up. back to you. we want to go back to today's hot topic. the new maryland law to ban cell phone use while driving. on our facebook fan page we asked you what are you doing if anything to prepare for the hands-free cell phone law? lisa writes in, i rarely talk
9:31 am
on the phone while driving. nothing is that important it can't wait until i am home. i am tired of being cut off by an idiot talking on the phone. i was run off the road the other week by one and when i blew my horn she gave me the finger. stacey says i know i am disstractded when i'm on the phone, a bluetooth would make no difference to me. what do you think? to share your two cents on today's hot topic head to the facebook fan page, leave your comment. we'll share some of the comments throughout the show. it's "think pink" week. today nurses, doctors and others are here to answer your calls about breast cancer. so if you have a question call us now at 410-481-2222 any time between now and 6:00 tonight. again, 410-481-2222. we continue to get you you set for the komen maryland race for the cure coming up sunday. we're just five days away now. the race is this sunday, hunt valley, three weeks earlier than last year. abc2 news will once again be
9:32 am
live on the air to broadcast the event from 7:00 to 9:00 that morning to take part there's still time to sign up. head to our web site, when you get there look at the top of the page, click on lifestyle tab, then scroll to the right and click "think pink." for all of you women out there, listen up. there are decisions you can make now that can lower your risk for breast cancer. in our ongoing "take 5" series, abc2 news' linda so has five prevention tips. >> reporter: when it comes to breast cancer there are certain risk factors women cannot control like family history and age. but there are things you can do to reduce your risk. first, a healthy diet and exercise can go a long way. >> try to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as a healthy weight. that includes exercising. we suggest that if you exercise four or more times a week that actually -- that will reduce
9:33 am
your risk of breast cancer. especially in women who are premenopausal. >> reporter: dr. garrett ray with veteran affairs says the second thing you can do is reduce how much alcohol you drink. >> if you're drinking seven or more drinks a week, that does significantly increase your risk of breast cancer. >> reporter: third, talk to your doctor about hormone replacement therapy. the estrogen-producing drug can actually increase risk for breast cancer. >> many women are -- are prescribed it for menopausal symptoms. if you are taking it discuss with your provider some other options. >> reporter: fourth, there are certain drugs out there that can recuse your risk. >> one of the medications is relloxinen, given to women with osteoporosis. we found it reduces risk of breast cancer as well. >> reporter: fifth, pay attention to changes in your health. regular self-breast exams can detect propotential problems. talk to your doctor about mammograms.
9:34 am
that saves lives in early detection. >> i could talk to elise rubenstein. i got busted because i was picking her brain about food. she has great nutritional advice on everything. today we're talking about cancer and breast cancer, spre venting it, treating it. you start with the diet. >> absolutely. these foods will help the body detoxify. when we're not well and going through chemotherapy or just having our body heal, even in remission we need to do a couple of really important things which is eat foods that support the body as it's healing. continue to exercise. and also stay away from foods that are inflammatory. >> let's start first with the foods we should be eating. what are those detoxifying foods you say, just stock up on those? >> i brought -- this is what is -- what i brought in today. the leeks, garlic and onions. these vegetables have properties that really help the body detoxify.
9:35 am
garlic is great. we love it, even when you saute it with oil or put it in salad dressing with olive oil that brings out the properties as well. again, our vegetables, thedale kale, broccoli, asparagus, these support the body as it's trying to heal. >> i know you have rep rest piece and a web site. recipes. a lot of people might think kale, vegetables, not for me but you say there's a way to make it delicious and keep it healthy. >> absolutely. always the simplest way is the better. if you take your garlic and saute it with a little olive oil and you put in your kale and just let it cook for a while with maybe a little broth it's so delicious. and really easy. with good vegetables you don't have to do a lot. honestly, eating the cleanest that you can. eating the most fruits and vegetables that you can, that are not processed, that is really, that promotes healing. >> what about what we should not eat? i know processed foods.
9:36 am
give some examples of what that means. >> the most inflammatory foods are found in high sugar products. sugar raises our body's insulin which really prevents it from healing. so that is our sodas, the cakes, cookies, and the candy. and we all know, we've heard a million times that the sugars hiding in so many places in our food. that is why eating clean, eating foods that are a single ingredient, you know what you are eating, that is the most important. >> would you say, because i know a lot of people think what about the cakes in moderation? is that ok? or would you say cut it out? altogether? >> again, it'sed noration -- moderation. 90/10 rule, 90% of our day and week doing the best we can and eating as good as we can and taking the best care of ours selves we can. there's got to be that 10% in our lives where we celebrate a special occasion. that's what the specialty foods are great for. special occasions. >> i had no idea onions were
9:37 am
good for you. i love that because i love to cook with them. your web site? >> on there you can get to me via e-mail. i'll be happy to support you, give you some recipes. there's always great information. >> thank you for coming in. >> my pleasure. jamie? allergies are becoming more and more common especially in children these days. coming up, we're going to not only make you aware of the allergies that affect us all but how you can find ways to lower the risk and dangers of food allergies. and politics on the floor of "dancing with the stars" last night. we'll find out tonight's elimination round. now let's get to justin. still tracking that tornado warning on the eastern shore until 9:45. caroline, i think you may in the clear, at least for this potential danger but still threatening weather especially as we track it towards easton and up to the north. looks like just crossing the bay bridge, if you can see this little hook here, this is the their has been indicated on
9:38 am
doppler, south of grasonville heading to queenstown. what i want to do is show you this velocity scan one more time. we're watching the red move away from the dover radar site, green towards it. when they are locked next to each other that is where they are spinning in this particular storm, south of grasonville heading to queenstown. perhaps to centreville. we have until 9:45 for this tornado warning but the bulk of this storm, the strongest winds wrapping near grasonville right now, near queenstown and centreville and raul. look out -- rock hall. look out in the next 10, 20 minutes. we'll be right back. it's called breast health -- call 2 breast health. 410-481-2222. get your questions answered. let's talk to dr. lee, with good samaritan. how does the partnership works? >> sure. as providers of women's health, obstetricians and gynecologists are in a unique position with regard to the breast cancer education, breast cancer
9:39 am
detection and referral for treatment. as a matter of fact, the gynecologist is much more likely over the course of his or her career to detect breast cancer in a patient rather than cancers of the uterus, ovary, the cervix or vulva which are the most common gynecologic cancers. >> reporter: dr. kevin lee is in studio taking your questions. give us a call, the number should be on the screen, 410-481-2222. don't miss this important opportunity to get your questions about breast cancer awareness answered. we're back shortly.
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welcome back. we're tracking this tornado warning on the eastern shore, expires 9:45. so just a couple of minutes left but definitely rough weather rolling through with this frontal boundary, that will probably cut off the heavy rain band from this one event. we're watching from grasonville through centreville. look out rock hall, chestertown. again, in a couple of minutes
9:42 am
the tornado warning will expire for kent, queen anne's, talbot counties but there's a possibility of still gusty winds and there's been no confirmed tornadoes. i want to make that clear. no confirmed tornadoes but there's rotation in the clouds which means there's a possibility of not only some damaging winds but also some hail with these particular storms. heavy rain pushing through the eastern shore now. you have to deal with it for at least the next half-hour to hour. then we'll talk about another potential heavy rainmaker coming up in a couple of minutes. back to you. time for our featured events. i love this one. head over to the estuary center, they are having a great event, a children's gardening event. grow food and flowers. they have crafts, games, science, very kid friendly. for more important go to, for ages 5 to 10, october 2nd, 3:00 to 4 had:00. >> maggie's light. maggie's miles. october 1st, towson
9:43 am
university, and all proceeds benefit families caring for children and young adults with special needs. gates open 2:30. the 5 can run and more -- 5k run. e-mail maryanne at maggie' >> you can e-mail, jamie, or to let us know what is going on so we can let everybody else know what is happening. we'll be right back.
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our "health alert" used to be we were allergic to peanuts and milk and shell fish. now the menu is far-reaching. jeffrey rotor is here to talk about the fan, food and allergy walk and ryan, 10 years old. what is he allergic to? >> peanuts, tree nuts, milk and sesame. >> you know what? it used to be like we were saying, peanuts and that was it. now strawberries, she willfish. it's far-reaching, more than ever? >> absolutely. there's eight foods that account for 90% of all food allergic reactions. milk, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. that is just the top eight. it extends beyond that. >> as a mom you find out the hard way. >> we found out when ryan was 1 and tried milk for the first
9:47 am
time. he was deathly sick from just a few drops of milk. >> so now we're on a dairy kick, to avoid dairy. what did he drink? ? soymilk. >> just like that? >> yes. >> it's a national effort. not just baltimore? >> absolutely. there's more than 50 events across the country throughout the year. for the fan walk for food allergy. you can find information about the event at >> what are the foods you are hearing about? we have of course the peanut butder, shellfish, dairy. what else have you heard? >> in terms of allergies? >> yes. >> strawberries, water melon, a lot of peanuts and tree nuts that i come across. >> how about you, jim? >> there's a variety of ones beyond the top eight. some other countries were starting to see sesame and things along that pop up. in fact there was a study done published earlier this year that showed peanut and tree nut allergy alone tripled between 1997 and 2008. >> so what are the signs that
9:48 am
we should get to a doctor? >> with ryan he always had severe eczema as a child, itchy skin. trouble with hives when he would eat something with traces of the foods that he's allergic to. i think when you have a child that has symptoms like that, it should raise a red flag and you should talk with your pediatrician or allergist. >> 10 people watching, how many have food allergies, allergic to something? >> one in 25 americans have a food allergy. that is 12 million americans including three million children. >> am i far-reaching when i say not just the hives but maybe indigestion or something like that? >> it's a potentially life threatening medical condition that, within seconds can be fatal. >> that's why we walk. we've been out there many times for this. saturday, october 2nd. check-in at 9:00, walk begins at 10:00 at meadowbrook park. it will be good weather, right,
9:49 am
justin? and for more information. thank you so much. 10 growing on 21, i know it. megan? >> thank you. >> week two of "dancing with the stars," in the books and it was an interesting night on the dance floor. which included a painful promise, a boost for one dancer and reaction to sarah palin's appearance, she was there at the show that night. so george runs down the scores starting with who is on top. >> reporter: jennifer grey and her partner huffed and puffed their way to first place. 888 for their energized jackknife. >> i don't know what my face looked like but it was hurting. hurting all over. >> reporter: audrina second with the judges with 23. her partner promised they would get triple 8s or he would wax his legs. >> it's going to hurt. this is not hair. this is, like a forest. ok? >> oh, my god.
9:50 am
this is what the females go through. >> reporter: teens in a two-way tie for third. kyle massey and bristol palin, whose mother sarah showed up to cheer her on. >> i'm glad i have her support and it was really comforting to look over at both our moms cheering us on. it was great. i'm thankful she was able to make it. >> not too bad. i'm happy with third. >> a yeah. >> i'll be happy with first though. >> reporter: triple 7s, a three way tie for first among the basketball star, football star and singing star. suddenly you're a lot taller this evening. >> i'm standing on an apple box. which i'm tempted on taping it to my legs next week and dancing on. >> this is all about growing up. climbing uphill. i think we're starting to do that, this week better than last week. hopefully last woke better than this week. i'm enjoying our time together. it's probably one of the easiest seasons we click. >> reporter: so do florence henderson and her partner who quick-stepped their way to
9:51 am
eighth place. >> it's only a number. instead of 76 i felt 26 tonight. >> reporter: with triple 6s margaret cho and her partner and mike "the situation" and partner tied for nine. each improving 20%. >> thank you, we're really happy. i'm happy bit. >> i'm trying. >> reporter: michael bolton, last with a score of 12. 11 stars remain in the competition. until tonight. that's when one more gets the boot during the results show. in los angeles, abc news. >> who do you think is going home? "the situation." >> i think so, too. >> shake on it. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] have questions about medicare? new to medicare? unitedhealthcare medicare solutions can help give you the answers. call or go to now. we'll also send this helpful free guide. i'm looking for help paying for my prescriptions.
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[ male announcer ] that's a part d prescription drug plan. the information's in the guide. is there a plan that lets me choose my own doctor and manage my out-of-pocket costs each month? [ male announcer ] yes. you'll want to learn all about supplemental health insurance. i need something nice and easy. is there a single plan that combines medicare parts a & b with medical and drug coverage? [ male announcer ] you'll find medicare advantage plans can be both easy and affordable. what if i'm on a fixed income? [ male announcer ] if you're on medicaid and medicare, or in a nursing home, you may want information regarding special needs plans. so...have questions about medicare? new to medicare? call or visit us online and get this free guide.
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i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax
9:54 am
code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay $6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea. but that's not his only bad idea. harris was the only senator to vote against expanding the child care tax credit and against the state's cancer treatment program. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us. we're still following tornado warning now but extended further up the eastern shore. this goes until 10:15. we continue to track this. i want to highlight the fact this is coming from the national weather service office in mount holly, new jersey, which governs the counties on the eastern shore. this does include central kent county, queen anne's county an then pushing over towards cecil county. going until 10:15. right now we are looking at st. michaels, nothing really
9:55 am
transferred to the weather station with 21 mile-per-hour wind gusts and 71 degrees but basically we have watched some pretty hefty rainfall from some of the storms. gwynn oak, columbia, picking up an inch of rain. we're looking at maryland's most powerful doppler radar and it's that little hook you see there near rock hall and chestertown. that is where we're watching, that is rotation in the clouds. not necessarily working to the ground but look at this, that's what we're watching. i'm going to put this velocity scan in. we're watching the colors, again, the red and green close together, that is just indicating winds in different directions at cloud level. that is where we could be watching the rotation. the storms haven't produced a tornado yet but may drop a funnel cloud to the ground. chestertown is in it and heading up. cecil county looks like you're in it until 10:15. we'll continue to track this and just the potential is here, not a guarantee but if you live in the areas now is the time,
9:56 am
get down to the basement or get into interior location of your home. especially if you have a bathroom that is reinforced and does not have windows. we're watching this cluster of energy slide through the eastern shore, strong winds if you're crossing the bay bridge. on to the delmarva, still dealing with more rain rotating around this storm. for the next couple of hours. there's this storm itself, dry air already working through central maryland and we'll start to break the clouds around baltimore. if it hasn't done so already. then maybe an isolated storm in the afternoon but we're continuing to watch this pattern, it will drag down cool air from canada but before it does that it is tapping into the tropics. and it's -- off screen now but there's a developing system that may get named later today, ride across florida the next day off in and could be up the coast and in maryland as a tropical storm with the name of nicole as we head on in through thursday. we'll be watching the potential for flooding. we'll get system one out of here, with still showers mid-afternoon in ocean city. and beaches. but watching the dry air, only for about a day. then the front tries to return
9:57 am
from the south. watch the flooding rains and that yellow, orange and red shadings from the south. thursday we could see four to six inches of rainfall in maryland. no doubt flooding with that one. 79 today, we will end this potential severe weather threat and as we head through tonight in the 50s. heading through tomorrow, 7p 2. a cooler day and showers try to return tomorrow night but heavy flooding potential rains on thursday. we drop in the 60s but dry out this weekend. >> be careful in the eastern shore now. >> we're watching it all morning. keep it here.
9:58 am
9:59 am
ready to throw the dinner party ofr

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